01 02 info@elora.de    www.elora.de GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Our current general terms and conditions are available for you on our website www.ELORA.de . The ELORA-Tool Catalogue E95 The Catalogue E95 cancels all previous catalogues, price lists and offers. All illustrations in the ELORA Catalogue E95 are unretouched and the tools are originating from current production or from stocks. The measures given in the ELORA Catalogue E95 are not binding.Whilst every has been made to ensure accuracy of information given in the ELORA Catalogue E84 our policy of continuous improvement determines that we reserve the right to deviate from printed details and prices without prior notice to keep pace with latest developments. Copyright: All texts, photos and illustrations are protected by copyright. No part of this material may be reproduced without our written permission. ALWAYS READY