ELORA is founded by Mr Erich Rauch at Birker Weg 4 in Lüttringhausen. Today Lüttringhausen is a district of Remscheid, the heart of the German tool industry.

The 21-year-old starts manufacturing chain pipe wrenches and Stillson pipe wrenches in his parents’ cellar.

As his business grows, he buys land next to his parents’ house and builds a factory with greater production capacity, allowing for packaging options for the first time, to meet the needs of his rapidly growing business.



ELORA employees in the early years




After the 2nd World War, Erich Rauch has only 11 employees. To meet the increasing demand for ELORA products and to enable the expansion of his product range, including pipe tools, pipe cutters, open-end spanners made of chrome vanadium and box spanners, he again expands his factory.

When the “Deutsche Mark” is introduced in 1948, the demand for ELORA products grows once again. During this time, more spanners, toolboxes, workshop trolleys and adjustable spanners are added to the product range.




Construction of the second plant in Münk / Eifel
The result of continued growth is the construction of a new production facility in the Blaffertsberg industrial estate in Remscheid. The inauguration takes place on Mr. Erich Rauch’s 60th birthday.



After the demise of the company’s founder Erich Rauch sen. in May 1986, his two sons continued the company’s business and became managing partners.
Relocation of the administration, warehouse and packaging department from “Birker Weg” to a more modern and larger building in the Blaffertsberg industrial estate in Remscheid-Lüttringhausen.



Mrs Bettina Rauch and Mr Andreas Rauch join the company as the 3rd generation. After the sad and unexpected demise of Mr. Karl-Hermann Rauch in August 2002, his nephew Andreas Rauch is appointed Managing Partner.
We celebrated 90 years of ELORA together with customers with an event at ELORA in Remscheid and at the Landrover Experience Park.



In March 2015, Mr. Erich Rauch jr., who also had a significant influence on the development of ELORA, passed away, Mr. Thorsten Zurawski was appointed sole authorised signatory.
New ELORA showroom ELORADO is completed



The “Bergische Löwe” is the heraldic animal of the city of Remscheid and there is a large stone lion statue in front of our town hall.

In 2014, the city of Remscheid celebrated its 85th anniversary as a major city and on this occasion all companies were given the opportunity to purchase a life-size lion and design it according to their ideas.

Now we too can finally proudly present our ELORA lion – it stands in the middle of a roundabout in our immediate vicinity!

New ELORA torque laboratory, where every ELORA torque wrench is tested according to DIN ISO 6789:2017.



Acquisition of the pliers production from Tracht-Odenthal Special Pliers GmbH & Co. KG. We now manufacture pliers, VDE pliers, and custom-made specialty pliers in-house according to our customers’ preferences.

Today, ELORA produces a range of tools of the highest premium quality in both plants, in Remscheid.