Warranty and exchange

ELORA-Full warranty

All ELORA tools are subjected to stringent testing during their manufacture and are thoroughly checked before dispatch to ensure they are free of defects in the material and workmanship. ELORA grants a full warranty on all tools in the event of defects in materials or manufacture. In the event of a complaint, please return your tool to us carriage paid via your authorised dealer to enable the tool to be checked by us and, if the complaint is justified, it will be repaired or replaced by ELORA free-of-charge.

The full warranty on sockets for operating machines is restricted to defects in materials and manufacture. Normal wear and tear and / or breakage of the sockets do not fall under the full warranty. Tools which, as a result of their advanced age or inappropriate or nonconforming use no longer work, are not covered by the ELORA full warranty.

We expressly refer all users to the operating manuals and safety instructions applicable to our products. The general safety instructions included in our catalogue and the information on the ELORA website also apply in this context.

Below you will find a number of examples of use which are considered to be “non-conforming use” of tools:

  • Excessive load on the tool beyond the normal or prescribed maximum, e.g., chisels, centre punches and / or drift punches applied to steels which are too hard or used for the wrong tasks
  • use of side-cutters for wires which are too hard
  • continued use of tools which are already partly damaged or broken,
  • applying the wrong sized sockets to screw fasteners
  • tools which have been modified, use of sockets with impact screw drivers where they were designed for manual use