The ELORA quality criteria

It is not without a certain pride that we are able, despite certain economic pressures, to continue to manufacture the majority of our products at our locations in Germany. As a result, nearly all our products are entitled to bear the “Made in Germany” label. This label summarises a number of positive product characteristics and is recognised the world over as a synonym for excellence and comprehensive know-how.

Viewed exactly, “Made in Germany” means that all the quality-relevant operations for the manufacture of the tools have to take place in Germany. This includes the entire machining production and the hardening heat treatment. It’s great that quality-conscious users, especially, take note of this feature.

At ELORA, all products are subject to the highest quality parameters. This also includes those products whose production takes place either partially or completely through proven partners. And it is in this meaning that we talk of “ELORA Premium Quality” – to be recognised from the ELORA seal of quality.