Dealer support

We like our ELORA dealers to be well informed about us as a company and our tools

Which is why our qualified staff are pleased to respond via telephone or email to any technical questions relating to ELORA tools. When there are changes to the product range, we invite dealers to a presentation in our headquarters in Remscheid.

We also want to make an active contribution to making the presentation of ELORA products attractive in such a way that customers can relate to them. To this end, we can, on request, fit out complete sales showrooms with our renowned ELORA presentation panels at competitive prices and with a full complement of tools.

These service activities are supported by marketing campaigns aimed at boosting sales. We provide dealers with appropriate printed media as to support their direct sales discussions with customers and generate additional purchasing impulses through a range of special offers.

As an option, we provide more intensive marketing support for dealers, depending on their individual needs and personal preferences. Our activities are organised appropriately, as you will see if you ask for further details.