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Hand tool care and maintenance: tips for long-lasting quality

A comprehensive guide to cleaning, storing and maintaining hand tools.

29. Apr 2024

Tools are indispensable helpers for both professional tradespeople and hobbyists. To ensure that you can rely on your tools in the long term, it is crucial to look after and store them properly. In this article, we take a thorough look at proven methods for the care and storage of hand tools.

1. Cleaning after use

Cleaning and care of ELORA tools

How and how often should I clean my tools? Thorough cleaning is essential after every use of your hand tools. It is important to choose cleaning agents and methods carefully to avoid damage.
Most tools can be cleaned simply with water and degreasing soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents or objects that can cause scratches, especially on sensitive surfaces such as metal or plastic.

Special cleaning products or rust removers can be used for stubborn dirt or rust. However, make sure that these products are suitable for the specific materials of your tools and do not contain any harmful chemicals that could damage the surfaces.
For tools with plastic handles, such as ELORA pliers or screwdrivers, it is advisable to use mild cleaning agents to avoid damaging the plastic. In addition, do not use any highly corrosive cleaning agents that could damage the plastic. A soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water should be sufficient to remove dirt and grease from the handle.

Correct cleaning agents for hand tools

2. Rust protection

Correct cleaning of ELORA tools

Cleaning is followed by drying the tools. Moisture can cause rust, so the tools should be thoroughly dried after cleaning before they are stored further. If you store your tools clean and dry, they are largely protected against rust. You can also apply a rust inhibitor, such as a few drops of machine oil or rust inhibitor concentrate. Apply a thin layer of rust protection to the metal surfaces and wipe off the excess.

3. Correct storage

The way you store your hand tools is the first step towards longevity. Ideally, they should be stored in a dry place that is protected from moisture and strong temperature fluctuations. ELORA offers a range of tool modules that not only serve to organize your tools, but also keep them safe in a Workshop cabinet or roller tool cabinet. The black/yellow ELORA OMS tool modules are resistant to oils and greases and chemical-resistant to provide optimum protection for your tools. ELORA tool trolleys offer clearly arranged storage space for your tools. In conjunction with the tool modules, they provide the optimum solution for structured organization and protect your tools from damage.

ELORA tool trolley modules

4. Protection against theft and damage

Safe storage of tools in the ELORA tool cabinet

Replacing tools is annoying, so it is worth protecting them from theft and damage. Keep your tools in a safe place and lock them away if necessary, especially in easily accessible places. Not only the ELORA workshop trolleys, but also the ELORA tool cabinets offer a safe and well-structured storage solution for tools that are not in constant use and protect them from theft and damage.

5. Correct use

The correct use of tools is crucial for their durability and safety. It is important to use tools according to their intended load and purpose. Incorrect use can not only lead to increased wear and tear, but can also render them unusable. In addition, improper use of tools increases the risk of injury to both the user and others in the vicinity. Always use the right tool for the job and make sure you use it appropriately. Before using a tool, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take the correct safety precautions to avoid accidents.
ELORA hand tools: Correct use

6. Regular maintenance and calibration

ELORA Service: Calibration of torque wrenches

Even when used correctly, regular maintenance is crucial. Check the tools for signs of wear, such as loose handles or blunted blades, and repair or replace them if necessary.
Precision is particularly important for torque wrenches. It is therefore important to calibrate them regularly. According to the standard, an interval of 12 months or 5000 load cycles is recommended. ELORA has a torque laboratory that works in accordance with the latest standard, DIN EN ISO 6789:2017.

Calibration service

7. Tool longevity starts with quality

Sustainability starts with the purchase of high-quality tools. ELORA attaches great importance to the quality and durability of its products. Through the careful selection of materials and precise workmanship, we guarantee that our tools will remain reliable for years to come.
For this reason alone, investing in ELORA hand tools and tool storage pays off in the long term. With the right care and maintenance, our tools can achieve a long service life. This not only reduces the need for frequent replacement, but also minimizes the environmental footprint by using fewer resources to manufacture new tools.

Sustainable care of ELORA tools

The care and storage of hand tools are crucial to their longevity and performance. By cleaning regularly, storing properly and carrying out regular maintenance, you can ensure that your hand tools are ready when you need them and will serve you faithfully for decades to come.

Roller Tool Cabinet Super Caddy


  • with 7 drawers
  • solid metal sheet pattern, ELORA-yellow (RAL 1006) corrosion- and scratch-resistant powder-coating


Module-Socket Set


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  • black, with yellow signal colour
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Workshop cabinet


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