The 14th Adler MTB Cup with ELORA: True Cycling Excitement at Blaffertsberg

27. Sep 2023

On September 17th, it was that time again: the 14th Adler MTB Cup took place on our company premises at Blaffertsberg in the district of Remscheid-Lüttringhausen. This event has firmly established itself in the cycling calendar in recent years and once again offered an exciting spectacle for all cycling enthusiasts. As a sponsor, we at ELORA are particularly proud to be part of this event and would like to give you an insight into this exciting race.

Community and Anticipation

On the eve of the race, a social barbecue was held on the event grounds, bringing together residents, volunteers, and participants of a Chart-Ride by Sportlerhelfen. This sense of community fueled the anticipation for the race and created a unique atmosphere.

Challenging Track

The track remained largely unchanged this year, running through the picturesque forest area at Blaffertsberg. It stretched over up to 4 kilometers, taking riders through forest paths, trails, and paths with height differences of up to 70 meters to conquer. Participants, both male and female, faced challenging sections, including heavily rooted passages, steep and rugged descents, and specially designed obstacles.

A Resounding Success

The Adler MTB Cup served as the grand finale for various cycling series, including the 4th leg of the XCO-NRW-Cup, the 4th leg of the MTB-NRW-Fun-Cup, and the 7th leg of the ARAG MTB-Schüler-Cup. The event saw a total of 281 pre-registrations, with some enthusiastic riders registering on-site. The event spanned from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., providing exciting races throughout the day.

At ELORA, we take particular pride in supporting local sports and cultural events such as the Adler MTB Cup. It brings us joy to host these exciting events on our own company premises and celebrate them together with our community. The Adler MTB Cup is sure to continue growing in the coming years, attracting even more cycling fans from the region and beyond. We are already looking forward to the next edition of this thrilling race and to once again be a sponsor.

Radsportverein Adler Lüttringhausen


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